Passion and experience to build spaces much more harmonius
with the life needs of the people

FP COSTRUZIONI was founded in 2006 with the aim “think, create and build”

It is well known for prestigious building and renovations in Italy ad in the rest of Europe.
The company is specialized in building, renovations and maintenance services, for Retail and Hospitality such as shops and restaurants. It always guarantees a professional and custom made service trying to reach the perfection in every project taking care of each detail and material used.

FP COSTRUZIONI is strongly experienced in railway sector, redevelopment train stations, residential and hospitality sectors with restyling works for luxury building where is required the attention of each detail.

Each customer has its own dream and needs, that’s why FP COSTRUZIONI tries to transform this idea in reality with competence and professionality, redesigned the spaces according to the customer’s needs.

Each customer has its own dream and needs,
that’s why FP COSTRUZIONI tries to transform this idea in reality

High quality and competitive prices.
Customers more and more satisfied.


FP COSTRUZIONI plans, builds and manages nets and relationships. The result of the building construction is the building site. The company is based on the strong connection between the head office, made by experienced team with managing skills and the building sites, where skilled workers build projects designed by well known Italian architects.
Our strength is the synergy among different professions who actively take part to the works on site. The site managing is the most important feature of the company, which supports the customer in every phase of the works: design, assistance, authorizations and certificates managing and building of the project.


The company cares about the environment, choosing carefully the materials, separate collection and waste disposal during the demolitions, according the European Law 2012/19/UE.



FP Costruzioni is focused on training of its employees organizing updating safety courses.

The courses are different such as:
• Emergency management
• Fire prevention and First Aid
• Training courses for the usage of specific machinery
• Updating courses for machinery for new technologies
• and more others…

Competitive Prices